My Sister’s Books Review #103

Naked Heat
(Nikki Heat #2)
By: Richard Castle

Unabridged Audio

Cassidy Towne is a much-hated gossip writer. When her murder body is discovered, Nikki Heat is unexpectedly reunited with Jameson Rook. As the two search for clues amongst the numerous people who had motive, Cassidy’s body goes missing. Not only does Nikki Heat have her plate full, but now that Rook is back in her life, she must face the unanswered romantic questions.  As the search for the missing body comes to an end, more bodies stack up and the whole case is turned upside down. Will Heat and Rook be able to solve the mystery before their lives are sacrificed by the haters?

The Nikki Heat series is based on the television show, Castle. The main character on the show is a writer, and due to the popularity of the show, his books have now been published.  This unabridged audiobook has lots of details and fills readers in on the back story, so there is not a pressing need to read the series in order. The popular names that are dropped make this story feel as though it is happening today.  There is a lot of sarcasm mixed into this spicy romantic suspense storyline. The omniscient point of view gives readers the whole effect. This story is for adults, as there is choice language and scenes.


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