My Sister’s Books Review #100

Lowcountry Bordello

By: Susan M. Boyer


Private Investigator Liz Talbot is gearing up for her wedding and the holiday season. However, when her bridesmaid Olivia calls, panicking that she has found a dead body, in the local bordello, chaos is bound to ensue, especially since it seems the body has gone missing. With the help of Nate, her fiancé and business partner, and Colleen, her ghostly friend, Liz has to expertly weave through police matters, in-laws, traditions and a vivacious, elderly madam. Will Liz be able to make it down the aisle or will this case wreck everything?

Stella Maris is a quaint island near Charleston, South Carolina. The island is filled with Southern charm and the residents are a quirky bunch. Susan M. Boyer has created a delightful cozy mystery series, filled with laughter, ghosts and family drama. Liz Talbot will become readers’ new best friend, as she deals with antics, while trying to keep her friend out of jail. Readers will surely fall for this fast-paced, Christmas, murder mystery book.



This review was written for My Sister’s Books and Sasee Magazine.

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