The Past, Present, and Future!

Hi Everyone,

The past few weeks have been brutal, health wise. I was too weak to read at the beginning, and there have been a lot of naps during the day, which is not like me. I did finally manage to watch the four new episodes of the Gilmore Girls… and let’s just say that I am still processing my feelings.

The present: This weekend I was able to get back in the flow of reading. Plus, I have managed to complete all emails and I finally have empty inboxes. YAY!  Since, the new Gilmore Girls episodes only contained information about 1 single book… I have added it to the challenge page.

The Future!!!

Well now, here’s the fun and exciting news. Yes, several news items. So hold on tight:

  1. Over the course of the final weeks of this year, I will be posting 100 book reviews. Yes, my friends, you read that right! 100 Book Reviews over the next 20 days. We are going to end 2016, with a BANG! I hope you all enjoy. 🙂
  2. Take a look around the site. There are many new things that you will find, as 2017 will be a very positive year! Here are a few changes you might be interested in:
    1. The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. Feel free to join me, as I work my way through the 300+ books mentioned in this beloved series.
    2. I am looking for new reviewers to join the Ariesgrl team. If you are interested in being a part of the Ariesgrl Book Reviews team, send me an email telling me what you like to read, how many books you read a month and why you want to be a part of the team.
    3. A dear friend, gave me a 2017 Book Lover’s calendar. So stayed tuned in, to see lovely quotes, inspired book posts and even a few reviews, from this delightful gift.
  3. Last but certainly not least: Ariesgrl Book Reviews will be turning 5 in 2017!!! Check back in the New Year, for some fun-filled surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be my way of thanking you all for your continued support.


As I get started on this epic journey, I’d love to hear your thoughts on things you, as a reader, would love to see more of, from this site in 2017.


Thanks for your continued support. May the rest of your 2016 be filled with great books!


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