Three Book Reviews

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Here are reviews of three books that I read during Hurricane Matthew.



Historical Fiction/Short Story:

Will & Me by Reba White Williams

This short story is written from the perspective of Lady Katherine, as she reflects on her love for William Shakespeare. In an almost journal entry style, she recalls how life was a challenge for both William and herself. She also demonstrates how her love, will continue, long after William’s passing.

Little is known about William Shakespeare’s personal life. Fans of his work, will appreciate this fictionalized insight into his inner world. This book makes for a great lunch time read, as it is only twenty-seven pages long.


Non-Fiction Book/Younger Readers

Paws of Courage by Nancy Furstinger

Starting with World War I, Nancy Furstinger takes readers on a journey through history and the incredible stories of service dogs. From combat, to search and rescue, to defending the home front, dogs have proven to be the perfect partners, as they are willing to risk their lives in order to protect and bring humans home safely. They also offer companionship and give crews positivity, during dark times. The beautiful pictures will delight every animal lover’s heart and allow this to be a read, the whole family will enjoy. These courageous dogs deserve medals, honor and respect. Nancy Furstinger also provides information for how readers can get involved and help make a difference in these furry heroes’ lives.


Suspense/Special Forces Thriller

Enemy of Mine by Brad Taylor

Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill are supposed to be traveling on an archeological trip, when the Taskforce sends them a cryptic message. Soon thereafter they are met with team members and are forced to protect a peaceful government meeting in the Middle East. Unfortunately for all involved, the past comes back to haunt them and may cost them their lives.

The first book in the Pike Logan series was devoted to build up; establishing the characters and the Taskforce, but the action was still intense. The second book was like an action packed story on steroids! Every single page left the reader breathless. Enemy of Mine provides an emotional and different layer to Pike and Jennifer’s partnership. The inner turmoil each of them face leads them in a new path on how to handle current affairs. The kick-butt action is still intense, but it now comes with a more emotional charge.


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  1. Thanks for the great review of Paws of Courage! You might also consider reading my bio of Henry Bergh, who founded the ASPCA 150 years ago: Mercy. As an aside, I’m also an Aries and a HUGE animal lover:-)

    • Ariesgrl

      Wow! Hi Nancy! Thanks for commenting. I loved your book and have been telling my friends all about it. I happened to come across it, and being a huge animal lover, I knew I needed to read it! I will definitely look into your other book. Thank you! Happy Reading, fellow Aries!

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