My Sister’s Books Review #93

A Lowcountry Christmas

By: Mary Alice Monroe

Book 5 in the Lowcountry Summer Series/Christmas Themed Book


Taylor McClellan is grateful for his wife, Harper, his home and his family. During this special Christmas, he reflects on his first Christmas at home, after being injured in Afghanistan. Five years ago, Taylor was released from the hospital, yet he knew his brain was still not well. His mother, Jenny, was thrilled to have her son home and wanted to have the best Christmas ever. Miller, Taylor’s younger brother, only wanted a puppy for Christmas. Life had changed drastically for each of the McClellan family members, but hopefully a Christmas miracle will bring them all together again.

Mary Alice Monroe is an incredible author who uses quotes from A Christmas Carol, to highlight the inner struggles of each of her characters. PTSD is a serious illness that is brought to light in this story. By giving a voice to the mother, little brother and the veteran, readers will get to experience the effects of PTSD on the entire family. The author also shows the fears and concerns of each family member as they deal with trying times. This book will reaffirm your belief in Christmas miracles and the healing powers of animals. A Lowcountry Christmas will completely wreck a reader’s heart, while leaving a smile on their face. This is a story that will live in each reader’s soul and be recommended to friends and family for years to come.


I had the pleasure of reading an Advanced copy of this book, during Hurricane Matthew. The fact that this book is set in McClellanville, which is where Matthew hit, was eerily perfect timing. The fact that this book talked about the damage received during Hurricane Hugo, touched my heart, as I remembered stories from my grandfather. The fact that Christmas is my favorite holiday, due to the spirit of giving, and the fact that there was snow, made this an instant classic in my heart.

This book tugged at every emotion possible, in my heart. There were times I had tears in my eyes, but I closed that book with a giant smile on my face. As soon as I had regained an internet connection, I immediately told my reading friends that they had to read this book! I have now read all five of the books in the Lowcountry Summer series. The third, The Summer’s End, had been my favorite, however Taylor’s story, stole my heart. I read two books during Hurricane Matthew that discussed Pets for Vets and I have been truly inspired. I have researched this organization on my own, and hope to one day be a part of this beautiful organization. If you chose to read only one Christmas book this year, make it this one.



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