Reality is Back in Session

Hi Everyone,

On September 15, I traveled to Savannah for the first time ever. I was beyond blessed to attend SIBA16, a weekend long event. The hotel was filled with authors, booksellers, publishers and BOOKS! It was a dream world, yet better than a dream, because it was tangible. And then I came home late Sunday night…

Within two hours of coming home, my kitchen, laundry room and hallway flooded, due to an issue upstairs. Throughout last week I was anemic and sick with a sinus infection… A horrible event that prevented me from reading! Seriously, pure torture. Being told to rest, but not being able to read is just plain wrong! Horrific news, ailments, illnesses, etc… Everything seemed to come crashing down last week.

And then this morning, the news hit… A thirteenth sign has been added to the Zodiac charts!!!!! It seems I leave my world of normalcy for a few days and all heck breaks loose. After a long debate and some major deep breathing, it appears that under this new lineup, I would be Piscesgrl instead of Ariesgrl. However, my family and friends have all come to the same conclusion: Denial, Denial, Denial! Therefore, before anyone asks, I have always been Ariesgrl and I will always be Ariesgrl.

I have come to accept this new alternate world as my true reality. Thankfully, there are still incredible books to escape into, when needed.

Tomorrow, I will post all the fascinating details of SIBA16. In the meantime, tell me your favorite Astrological themed book.


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