The Evasion

(Justifiable Cause #2)

By: Adrienne Giordanno                              Format: eBook                                                   Read: Jan 2016


Jo and Gabe are partners on the anti-counterfeiting task force. Even though they made a major break-through, they let one of the suspects slip away. Determined to catch him and shut down the entire ring, Jo and Gabe travel to the south, where things aren’t run the same way as in New York. Will they be able to catch the leader of the pact or will their trip south come to a horrific end?

The Yankess are coming to small town South Carolina, look out! This is the second part of the Justifiable Cause series. It is best to read the three stories in order. There are a few repetitious sayings, but the exciting action is kicked up several notches! Readers will be craving the next chapter in Jo and Gabe’s adventures.


I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review. To learn more about this author’s work, please visit her website.

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