The Capture

(Justifiable Cause #3)

By: Adrienne Giordano                               Format:ebook                                            Read: Jan 2016
NYPD Sergeant Gabe Townsend decides to join his attorney partner, Jo Pomeroy, on a vacation on the West Coast. His relaxation goes out the window, as Jo continues to work and put herself in harm’s way. Tasked with keeping counterfeits off the street, Jo feels that is her number one priority, while Gabe wishes for more one-on-one time. Will the two be able to set aside their differences and see they are a perfect match or will their jobs destroy everything they’ve worked for?

This is the conclusion of the action-packed Justifiable Cause series. Talk about romantic suspense! This is the first opportunity for the characters to show their insecurities and really grow. Each book keeps getting better! Readers will fall for Jo and Gave and they will wish this series didn’t come to an end.


I received a copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review. To learn more about this author, please visit her website.

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