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It is Friday! Time to dust off the Forgotten Book Challenge and dive deep into the ebook archives! To learn more about this Forgotten Book Challenge, click on the picture. In the meantime, below you will find my review of the first book in a thrilling, new suspense series.



One Rough Man

By: Brad Taylor

Pike Logan #1

The Taskforce is a group of highly trained military men, who carry out necessary jobs to protect the safety of the United States of America. Pike Logan was the best of the best, until one day while out with his team, his wife and child were brutally murdered. Now, Pike spends his days haggard with guilt and wishing his life away. When his path crosses with Jennifer, he is unwillingly thrown back into a world of terrorists and secrets. Despite his inner turmoil, he vows to protect Jennifer and help her get the answers she seeks.

Brad Taylor is a former Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel. The beginning is a tad slow, and Taylor does get a bit wordy, but overall the action is intense and will keep readers on their toes until the very end. Multiple points-of-view provide a well-rounded look at the story, by providing not only Pike and Jennifer’s perspective, but also the reasons behind the villain’s actions. This book gives suspense readers an excellent new series to enjoy.

I really am looking forward to reading more of this series!



I read this book as part of the #ForgottenBookChallenge!

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