My Sister’s Books Review #88

Reconstructing Amelia
By: Kimberly McCreight


Kate Baron is a single mother and a successful, busy lawyer. Her work day is interrupted when she receives a call from her daughter’s school, stating that good girl, Amelia was in trouble. By the time she arrives to the school, Amelia is dead and Kate is left wondering what could have triggered these events. As the school brushes everything to the side, Kate digs through the intimate details of her daughter’s life, determined to find out the truth. Did Amelia really commit suicide or was she brutally murdered?

Kimberly McCreight’s debut novel is told through alternating points-of-view, text messages and social media updates. This unique set-up takes readers on a wild ride through Amelia’s life at a private school. The page turning suspense will leave readers breathless as they race towards the truth. Due to the extreme number of curse words, this is recommended for mature audiences. Reading groups will appreciate the ultimate dilemma, of how far one mother will go to find out the reason behind her daughter’s death.



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