My Sister’s Books Review #87

Leaving Time
By: Jodi Picoult


Young Jenna Metcalf has been searching for her Mom, Alice, for years. Alice loved elephants and worked with researching their characteristics and preserving their safety. Jenna, desperate for answers, seeks guidance from a troubled psychic and a depressed investigator. The trio will use Alice’s scientific journals to reconstruct the final days before her disappearance. Will Jenna ever find Alice, or is her mom lost forever?

Leaving Time starts with a powerful opening, but then the next several chapters are chocked full of elephant data. Readers get to experience several different stories, as the points-of-view shift. The author uses a lot of foreshadowing throughout the story, but the ending will still catch readers off guard. The relationship between Alice and Jenna is mirrored in the elephant community, both of which will resonate in readers’ hearts for years to come.



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