My Sister’s Books Review #81

The 13th Gift

By: Joanne Huist Smith


Joanne Huist Smith’s husband passed away a few months before December. Depressed and unable to participate in the Christmas cheer, her youngest of three children worries that there won’t be a Christmas this year. One night, a mysterious package arrives on the doorstep, a gift from some their True Friends. Each night, a small present arrives in tune with the classic song, “12 Days of Christmas.” The blessing she receives from her anonymous friends, allows her to come to terms with the Christmas spirit, and to not only accept happiness, but also to look forward to participating in the excitement of this holiday.

Readers, especially those who have suffered loss, will be able to relate to the author’s desire to stay in bed and shun the happiness in the world. It isn’t a desire to hide from loved ones, but more a need to hide from the cheeriness of the universe. Kind of like the gift givers choosing the “12 Days of Christmas,” readers will want to take time to absorb the words and value each lesson, by reading only a chapter or two a day. This is the kind of book that helps restore the faith in humanity.


This is a book that I recommend everyone reads. It is absolute, up-lifting story and I am beyond grateful to have read it, especially after these last few years.


This review was written for Sasee Magazine and My Sister’s Books.

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