My Sister’s Books Review #79

Ocean Beach

By: Wendy Wax

(Ten Beach Road Series #2)


Four friends, Maddie, Nicole, Avery and Kyra, are looking forward to putting their pasts behind them, by focusing on their next home renovation project. The new house should be the avenue to brighten each of their futures. However, when they arrive, they are greeted by cameramen and the women quickly learn, their self-cleansing mission has been turned into a reality television show. Will these women be able to stand together to realize their dreams or will this be a disaster from day one?

Ocean Beach is the second book in the Ten Beach Road Series. Although it refers to the events in the previous book, readers won’t be lost if they start with this story. There are plenty of characters, each desperate to start over and rid themselves of their upsetting pasts. The shifting points-of-view, allow readers an inside look at the inner turmoil each of the characters are facing. The fresh, salt air of Miami works wonders on the women’s souls as they bring new life into an aging building. Wendy Wax works wonders with showing the depth of friendship, and how far friends go to help each during dark times.

This review was written for Sasee Magazine and My Sister’s Books.

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