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A Lowcountry Wedding
(Lowcountry Summer #4)By: Mary Alice Monroe


A few seasons have passed and Harper has settled in as the new owner of Sea Breeze. However, with Carson due to return to the family home, her anxieties are high. Meanwhile, Dora is figuring out who she is, while dealing with the stress of being a single mother. Everyone is looking forward to reuniting with the wandering middle sister, especially since the family has two weddings to plan.  Unfortunately, when a stranger with a secret is thrown into the mix, chaos and emotions erupt. Will Mamaw be able to comfort and reconnect her Summer Girls, or will their bond be forever broken?

Charleston, South Carolina provides a lovely, breathtaking scenery, perfect for the Muir ceremonies. From the very first page, smiling readers will be shocked as they are welcomed back to Sea Breeze with open arms. The beginning chapters provide a nice recap of the previous three stories, for those who are new to Mary Alice Monroe’s Lowcountry Summer series. Readers will appreciate feeling like a member of the family, as they watch each character’s growth and confidence get shaken by unexpected news.  Although there are a few repetitive phrases, readers will be swept up in the magic of Monroe’s writing. The story follows the same format with each chapter switching points-of-view, as well as focusing on the importance of protecting nature’s wildlife.


I love Mary Alice Monroe’s style. I appreciate that she uses nature to help heal her characters’ souls, while teaching readers the best way to preserve nature. Have you read any books by this author?





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