My Sister’s Books Review #78


By: Ad Hudler


Linc Menner had grown frustrated with his landscaping business, when his wife, Jo, was offered her dream job. Happy to have a fresh start and support his wife, Linc packed up the house and their daughter, Violet, to move across the country. Now, in unfamiliar territory, Linc finds himself in the position of househusband. Slowly but surely he learns the new, necessary duties of making his house a loving home, while raising his precocious three-year-old. As Jo becomes more and more involved in her work, Linc sees her less often and as the responsibilities take over, Linc begins to lose himself. Will their marriage be at risk or is Linc the perfect HouseHusband?

With a sarcastic wit, Ad Hudler builds the imperfect world that absorbs readers into the daily chores and hazards of a stay-at-home caregiver.  The short, easy to read chapters make this a great choice for busy, overwhelmed readers. Written with bits of stream-of-consciousness, readers will chuckle at how one thought triggers a completely opposite task.  Since the main character is very mindful of the food his family eats, there are delicious recipes included that will entice readers’ stomachs. Anyone who has spent time at home to care for a loved one can relate to Linc’s constant struggle against dust bunnies, losing one’s identity, and the constant need to defend one’s worth.


This review was written for Sasee Magazine and My Sister’s Books.



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