My Sister’s Books Review #75

Flash and Fancy An Otter Adventure on the Waccamaw River

By: Tom Doran and Christine Thomas Doran

Illustrated by: Nancy Van Buren

Flash and Fancy are two lovely otters living on Sandy Island. Even though they knew of each other, their friendship is solidified when Fancy’s life is in danger. Flash comes to her rescue and the two of them explore the mighty Waccamaw River together.

This children’s book is great for teaching young readers about the Waccamaw River. The majestic scenery has a lot to offer, and most importantly a lot to protect. There are cute illustrations that help show the unique animal life that live along the river’s coast. The long sentences are made up of alliteration and numerous adjectives that give the prose a sing-song pattern. This scientific approach will spark children’s interest in learning more nature.




This review was written for Sasee Magazine and My Sister’s Books.

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