My Sister’s Books Review #71

Great Joy

By: Kate DiCamillo

Illustrated by: Bagram Ibatoulline

Recommended for ages: K-2nd


Frances is an angel in the church’s Christmas play with a very important line to say. The days leading up to the play, she sees an older man with a monkey on the street corner. When Frances soon discovers that they are homeless, she tries to get her Mom to invite them to dinner. However, her Mom declines to allow strangers to enter her home, which leads Frances to invite him to her church play.

In this day and age, it seems numerous adults are too busy to help, but this sweet child knows the importance of lending a hand. Although the sad, older man’s story is never shared, readers will get a beautiful ending, thanks to the incredible last picture. The glorious illustrations bring to life a previous decade set in a mystical winter, where anything can happen.
I love a good holiday book that reminds us to lend a helping hand. What is your favorite “helpful” holiday book?




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