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Simply a Smile
By: Joan Leotta

Joan Leotta is a Carolina author who has put together a collection of her short stories, including several award winning tales. Simply a Smile is a book that provides something for everyone. Ranging from Historical Romance to Contemporary Mystery, readers of all genres can easily find a story to enjoy.

As one year comes to an end and another begins, time seems to evaporate into thin air. I blink, and two weeks have vanished. Time to catch a breath, much less read, seems to lessen each day, in the midst of the holiday craze. During this season, it is the perfect time to appreciate short stories and essays. Simply is a Smile does not disappoint in this aspect. Each unrelated story only takes a few minutes to read, making it a great book to carry with me as I run all my errands. Joan Leotta has organized her book by genre, so I could quickly jump to the section that I was in the mood for. “Fan Coral’’ is my favorite tale in this set. Though I wished each story offered a bit more detail, I was grateful to be able to escape into each piece. The title is very appropriate, as I found myself smiling while reading each story.


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