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Good Morning,

How are you? Are you all as excited about September and the coming Fall, as I am? Last month, I chose Gone with the Wind as the Read with Ariesgrl. I didn’t get the chance to finish, nor did I get as far as I would have liked. So, the good news: This month’s Read with Ariesgrl will be continuing (or starting, if you want to) Gone with the Wind. The goal is to read 2 chapters each night. We can discuss, without spoilers, our thoughts on here each week.

Hope you all have a spectacular September!



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  1. Still struggling to find time to read!

    • Ariesgrl


      I totally understand. Life has a habit of getting in the way of reading. Doesn’t it?! Every week, I think I will have more time, then something else occurs and pops up unexpectedly. Here’s hoping you find some reading time soon.


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