My Sister’s Books Review #69

First Frost
By: Sarah Addison Allen
Waverley #2
The Waverley Women are out of sorts as they wait for Fall to end.  Claire is running a successful and overwhelming Candy business, but doesn’t have any free time left. Sydney wants to give her husband a son. While Bay has fallen in love with a boy and unfortunately the whole school knows. Add in a mysterious man and it is beginning to look like the first frost will never arrive.

This sweet story is the sequel to Garden Spells. Sarah Addison Allen is a delightful Southern Lit author and this story won’t disappoint her fans. Easily read as a stand-alone novel, but it will serve as a wonderful way for fans of the first book to catch up with their favorite characters. Similes and metaphors paint the scene of every chapter. A little suspense, a little romance and a lot of magic mix together to form this beautiful story.


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  1. B LONG

    I wanna read this. Because i really liked Garden Spells.

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