By: Rosanna Chiofalo

Pia Santore always dreamed of visiting New York with her sister Erica. Unfortunately, her sister passed away before Pia’s dreams were realized. Now alone in New York, she has a difficult time moving forward with her life. When she lands an exclusive interview with the movie star, Francesca Donata, a whole new world is opened up for her. As she travels to Francesca’s home in Rome, and learns the inner details of her past, Pia must come to terms with her loss in order to open herself up for true love.

This is Rosanna Chiofalo’s second novel. As with the first book, the story is filled with intricate details, which allows readers to enjoy all the sights and tastes of NY and Italy. There is a slow start to the plot as the characters are introduced and get to know one another, but the emotions will be felt by the readers right away. Fans of the Italian-American culture will appreciate Rosanna Chiofalo’s writing.


The author provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. To learn more about this author and her work, please visit her website.

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