Forgotten Book Challenge

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This week’s Forgotten Book Challenge is a Christian Fiction book that came on my Nook. I never read it and forgot about it completely.



By: Laurraine Snelling
(Dakota Treasures #1)

Ruby has been in charge of rearing her younger sister Opal for several years. Living in New York with a kind family, Ruby has had a steady job and a safe life. However when she finally receives a note from her father, she packs up their life and gets on the train to head out west. When they arrive at the barely there settlement, Ruby is horrified to find her father running a brothel. To make matters worse, he passes away just moments after seeing her and he has left this atrocity to her and her sister. She promised her father she would look after “his girls,” but how can she with good conscience keep Opal around this lifestyle? Changes must occur before Ruby loses her faith and hope in humanity.

This story took a while for me to get into it. Around 100 pages in, was when the plot finally took a turn that kept me intrigued until the end. I was disappointed when the ending I thought would happen didn’t occur, because I did not realize that it was the first in a series. Overall it is well written and has a decent storyline.

This review was written for the #ForgottenBookChallenge.

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