My Sister’s Books Review #67

The Budding Gardener

By: Mary B. Rein

Children’s Activity Book


The Budding Gardener is an activity book dedicated to teaching young children the fascinating world of gardening. Chocked full of fun activities and do-it-yourself projects, kids will soon be wrapped up in the delights of watching seeds grow. Through this book they can learn about container gardening, compost, flowers and food.

The Budding Gardener is broken down into five sections, with each page devoted to an individual idea. It lists everything that you will need, the steps to take to achieve success and even a few recommended reading titles, should you want to learn more about your plants. There are projects for indoor and outdoor gardening, from simple one bulb dishes to larger vegetable gardens. One main thing that the book stresses, besides getting children involved in every step, is to re-use and repurpose many items that are lying around the home. This will open up conversations on topics such as cooking, recycling, astronomy, writing and building a community through generosity. Children and adults will be anxious to get their hands in the dirt. Parents will be able to watch their children grow, while the kids watch their hard work blossom.


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