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The Devil’s Cradle(Kendall O’Dell Mystery #2)
By: Sylvia Nobel

Kendall O’Dell receives a phone call from her brother, one filled with just enough intrigue to spark her investigative instincts. What she didn’t expect was to be a 20 year old’s sitter and sidekick as this young woman’s whole life unravels. With each new insight into Angela Martin’s past, the women’s lives are consistently put in danger’s way. Will Kendall stay alive long enough to get her story, or will she end up buried alongside the town’s secrets?

Even though this is part of a series, this book works well as a stand-alone novel. The treacherous desert setting of Arizona plays a vital role in the characters’ misfortune. There is a lot of family drama, and a rivalry that is reminiscent of the Hatfields & McCoys. Told through mostly dialogue, this is a jam-packed, fast read. Filled with numerous characters that could make readers’ heads spin, the amateur investigators shall take notes as they try to solve all the twists and turns in this whodunit storyline.

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