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I usually post these on Friday, but I was so busy catching up on admin things that time got away from me. So below you will find this week’s Forgotten Book Challenge. (To learn more about the challenge, click on the photo.)



Carpe Demon (Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom #1)By: Julie Kenner
Downloaded over a year ago.

Kate Conner is a retired demon hunter living a peaceful life as a stay-at-home Mom to a teenager and a toddler. Life was going nice until a demon crashed through her living room window right before the party she was hosting for her husband’s colleagues. Now, she must balance her current life with her old one, all while trying to keep everything a secret from her family.

Julie Kenner writes a funny story, one that every over-worked Mom can relate to, minus the smelly demons. Told from the point of view of Kate Conner as she talks to the readers, like two friends sitting down to chat. There is some repetitious lines, as she tries to remember things and remind readers of who’s who and what’s what. Overall, fans of the female-kicking-zombie-butt genre, will enjoy this unique spin.

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