Forgotten Book Challenge #2!

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It is Friday again, so guess what that means? Time to dust off a buried ebook, read it and review it. To learn more about this cool challenge, click here.



The Billionaire’s Curse (Billionaire #1)

By: Jonny Duddle & Richard Newsome

Downloaded over a year ago.

Gerald is a 13 year old Australian boy looking forward to his break from school and traveling with his friend. Unfortunately for him, his parents pick him up from school with the news that a relative has passed. Now in London, the sole heir to a billion dollar fortune, Gerald is on a quest to find out who has murdered his great-aunt. Along the way, he meets mischief-making twins, Ruby and Sam. Together the three friends rush through the streets of London, learning about the rich city’s history, while exploring majestic buildings and trying to stay alive.

This book is a fun read for fans of the Middle Grade genre. (Middle grade is a genre in between Children’s and Young Adult.) Readers will immediately want to pick up the next book in the series to find out more about Gerald’s family secrets. The author mixes in facts and stays true to the English/Australian cultures by throwing in certain phrases. Recommended for pre-teens and readers who are young at heart that secretly desire to be a detective.

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