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By: Elizabeth Robertson Huntsinger

Virginia Ross’ life has been turned upside down. Now living on her beloved Chaucer, she is determined to document all of her husband’s assets in order to have a fair divorce settlement. (It is the least she deserves after discovering his affair.) However, when she returns home to her boat she is greeted by the shocking news of her soon-to-be-ex’s death. Now under suspicion as a person of interest, Virginia must learn to balance out her new life with the help of her old friends. Along the way, she stumbles across some horrifying details that may connect her husband’s case to some unsolved mysteries. As she tries to make sense of everything, Virginia’s own life becomes hazardous and she must put her own safety, first.

Waterline gives readers of every genre something to appreciate. There’s the suspense with the murder plot, there’s the details of boat life, some romance, and even a feisty, adorable cat. Huntsinger weaves multiple incidents and storylines into one fascinating page turner. Readers who enjoy suspense stories, with a hint of romance will enjoy this book. The story seamlessly envelops the beautiful South Carolina coast and the rich history of its culture, in a contemporary mystery.  Right from the start with the unique quotes that foreshadow Virginia’s twisted life, this book flows quickly. Readers will be swept up in the author’s passion about boats, South Carolina and historical reenactments.





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