Game Day or Reading???

Hi Everyone,

You may have heard… Today is Super Bowl Sunday. And thanks to the past couple of years, there’s a few Bowls happening today. You have the classic football option: the Super Bowl, or the adorable: Puppy Bowl, or the latest: Kitten Bowl. So will you be watching one or all of these Bowls today?

Or will you be throwing your own type of Bowl… a Reading Bowl? Chocked full of amazing adventures and the only halftime break you take is when you need to pick up the next book, since you finished the first!


What’s your game plan for the Big, First February Sunday? (Let me know in the comments below.)
As for me, since my football teams did not make it to Arizona today, I will be watching the always adorable Puppy Bowl. (Really, there are no losers in that game! Have you seen the view from the Water Cam???!!!) Then, this evening I shall be curled up with my boys participating in a mini-read-a-thon.

Either way you spend the day, I hope it is a great one!


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