What are you Reading?

Hi Everyone,

Yes, I know, I normally declare Sunday as my Reading Day. However, my back is aching and it is raining, so instead of sitting at the computer all day, I will be reading in a comfortable chair today.

How do you all like to read? Do you have one perfect spot for ideal reading? As for me, I read anywhere, except the car, but we do have this one cozy chair that just suits all comfortable reading positions!

I have my three books stacked up that I hope to conquer today next to my water. So, I am ready to spend my Friday traveling the world through reading.

How are you all spending your Friday? Is it raining or snowing where you live?



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2 Responses to What are you Reading?

  1. I am reading a few books at the moment. One by independent author Ana Calin and the latest in Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.

    It’s summer here Australia, so we’ve been heading down to the sit on the foreshore and take books along. Though most of my reading is done in the lounge room. 😀

    • Ariesgrl

      Reading on the beach or in the A/C…you really can’t go wrong! I will have to check out the indie author you mentioned. I hope you are enjoying Stephanie Plum’s latest antics!

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