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The beginning of October, we had to bury my grandfather. The days leading up to the trip, my mind was scattered and I couldn’t focus on anything. I tried reading different books from The List, but my focus wasn’t there. I tried to watch a movie, but my dvd player was broken. I was stuck… I couldn’t get past my own mind, so I went scrolling through my library on my Nook. I stumbled across this book that I had downloaded for free. It had the promise of a sweet, short romance, so I gave it a shot. Here are my thoughts:

Kiss a Girl in the Rain

Take a Chance #1

By: Nancy Warren


Evan Chance’s life turned upside down when his mentor died. He decides to leave his corporate world behind, in order to complete the bucket list he made as a child. He sets out on the open road on his motorcycle and shortly thereafter he gets stuck in a small town after a collision with a mutt. In search of medical care for the dog, he meets the local doctor, Caitlyn Sorenson. Since Evan’s ride won’t be fixed for a few days and the dog has taken a liking to him, he decides to give this small town and the doctor a chance.

The basis of this story sounds sweet and the plot-line follows through. However, there is a lot of spice between the two main characters as they grow to know each other. This is a fast, easy read and will leave readers wanting to read more about the Chance family.



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