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It can be difficult to read a book from an app on my computer, so several weeks ago, when there were fireworks and I needed my Nook to play Ozzy’s calming music at night, I was wide awake and decided to read an ebook that was on my Nook. My friend Dana, who you may remember designed my amazing logo, recommended the author Kim Harrison to me. A while back, I downloaded the first book in the series, while it was on sale. Here are my thoughts:

Dead Witch Walking

Hallows Series #1

By: Kim Harrison   Format: eBook.   Read: August 2014.

Rachel Morgan is a witch and a bounty hunter with a serious reputation for finding trouble. Now she’s the one with a bounty on her head and she’s forced to accept help from Ivy, the vampire, and Jenks, the Pixie. Now this trio must work together to stay alive, even with all the odds against them.

This book starts off slow and the summary leans more towards a paranormal romance. However, the storyline kept me guessing at every turn. The Jenks character provides perfect comedic timing that will have readers chuckling. I am intrigued to see what will happen in the rest of this series and to learn more about the secrets certain characters are keeping.

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