My Sister’s Books Review #57

My Sister’s Keeper

By: Jodi Picoult

Modern Times, Rhode Island

Family Dynamics


Anna knows she was born to save her sister’s life, but after thirteen years she is ready to make her own medical decisions.  Her sister has had almost-terminal cancer for as long as she can remember and her family revolves around the diagnosis. As Anna seeks legal representation, the routine of her family is tossed upside down and her sister’s prognosis hangs in the balance.

From the very first sentence, Jodi Picoult has weaved a powerful tale, centered around every parent’s worst nightmare. With one child sick, this family tries to do everything they can to keep her alive, as most adults can relate too. However, the author’s ability to switch points-of-view between the various characters, illustrates this situation from each heartbreaking side. Readers will appreciate the different fonts that are used to emphasize each character’s personality, as well as the memories that help develop the plot. The commanding, gripping and controversial ending will leave readers debating long-after they have read the book.



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