My Sister’s Books Review #54

The Aviator’s Wife

By: Melanie Benjamin

Aviator's Wife

Anne Morrow lived a happy life in the shadows of her political father and her beautiful sister. However, her life turned into a majestic fairytale when she meets Charles Lindbergh, who opens up the whole world to her. Anne lived during a time where women were not their own selves, but carried the identity of being their husbands’ wives. Yet through the encouragement and support of Charles, Anne pushed her limits and accomplished goals she never dreamed were possible. Unfortunately, Anne’s life with the Aviator is not going to be smooth sailing, yet one that is filled with turbulence and heartbreaking events. The Aviator’s Wife tells Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s side of this famous, whirlwind romance.

Written like a romanticized memoir, Melanie Benjamin transports readers straight into the heart and mind of Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The setting flashes from Anne’s present self in 1974, back through time as she remembers significant events in her relationship with her hero, Charles.  Anne’s internal monologue is poetic, with several phrases that will remain in readers’ minds long after they have finished the book. This book brings about some debatable issues when it comes to Charles’ personality and Anne’s acceptance of daily life. Nevertheless, whether or not you like the Lindbergh couple or even remember why you recognize their name, this book is a definite must read.


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