Perfect Fling

Perfect FlingBy: Carly Phillips

(Serendipity Finest #2)

Format: Paperback

Read: August 2014

Erin Marsden has never set one foot, much less a toe, on the bad side of the line. Being the only daughter of the former police chief, she has maintained her good girl reputation. After leaving her brother’s wedding reception she decides to have a one-night stand with Cole Sanders, who has recently reappeared in town. Cole has many dark secrets concerning his long absence and he hopes to be able to leave town again soon. Things get even more complicated when Erin’s life is in danger and Cole is assigned to protect her.

Even though this book is the second in Carly Phillips’ series, it works well as a stand-alone story. Starting with a jam packed beginning, the storyline flows nicely while balancing all of the family dynamics and relationships. There is a lot of suspense as well as romance, however it is quite predictable. Overall for fans of Carly Phillips, readers will enjoy this latest chapter in the world of Serendipity.



The author of this book provided a copy for me to review. To learn more about this author and her work, please visit her website.

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