Snow Fence Road

By: Phyllis Edgerly Ring. Format: Paperback. Read: August 2014.

The Spinnaker Inn is a quaint and cozy place to vacation near the coast of Maine. It has been around for decades and its familial history is just what Tess Johansen needs to heal her wounded heart. After suffering the devastating loss of her fiancé, she returns to the one place that still holds fond memories for her. As for Evan Marston, he avoids the inn and all of its memories, as he tries to cope with the daily life since his horrific accident. Slowly throughout the changing seasons, these two become friends who rely on each other and the inn to mend their broken souls.

Snow Fence Road is a short, sweet and power-packing book. Readers will be riding an emotional rollercoaster, while turning each page as they try to figure out each twist and turn. One thing that the author focuses on is that tragedy, while devastating, could lead towards unanticipated opportunities. If this book were a little longer, the characters could have been fleshed out more. However the plot line is uplifting and the ending will leave readers’ astonished.



The author of this book provided a copy in exchange for an honest review. To learn more about this author, please visit her website.




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