My Sister’s Books Review #47

Bride for a Night

By: Patti Berg


Duncan Kincaid was thrilled to marry Cairo McKnight five years ago, but his adventurous spirit forced him to leave her the very next morning and he ended up in jail. Several months later, when he received the annulment papers he was heartbroken and devoted himself to his secretive mission. Cairo McKnight loved Duncan ever since she first met him, when she was a teenager. Being married to him, even for just one night was a life-changing experience…literally. She is a mom to the precocious little five year old boy, but she must decide whether Duncan has matured enough to handle the responsibilities of being a father.

This book is a cute story. There is a secondary romance between Cairo’s aunt and Duncan’s father that adds a different perspective on second-chance love. Overall the story is endearing, but a tad predictable. The author seems to rush through certain emotions and discussions, but as a whole the story is a fun, modern romance. Readers will enjoy taking the journey with Duncan and Cairo as they explore their past and uncover the secrets hidden within Montana’s land.


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