My Sister’s Books Review #43

Texas Bride

By: Joan Johnston

Despite the fact that Miranda Wentworth lost her parents in the Chicago fire, she has kept her and her five younger siblings safe in the nasty orphanage. Now that she is about to turn 18, she is being kicked out and risks losing her siblings. Her younger sister provides hope, when she tells Miranda that she responded to a mail-order bride ad in the newspaper. Desperate to keep her family together, she sneaks her youngest siblings out of the orphanage to start their new life. Little does she know, Jake Creed has a few surprises of his own, including a young daughter who is in need of a mother.

Joan Johnston gives readers a well-balanced story with this first book in her Mail-Order Bride Series. Readers will appreciate the inner struggles the main characters deal with, while trying to manage the turmoil of the Texas weather.  Though Jake is a cowboy and his ranch is in need of repair, the story focuses on the turmoil of forgiving and accepting the past, in order to open up for future blessings. The ending gives readers closure between Jake and Miranda, while piquing the interest for the rest of Miranda’s family.


This review was written for My Sister’s Books.

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