My Sister’s Books Review #42

Kissing the Bride

By: Sara Bennett

Heartbroken Lady Jenova vows to marry again because it has been two years since her husband’s death, but she refuses to marry for love. She asks her prominent friend, Lord Henry, for help. During their search for the proper groom, they grow closer and share a passionate kiss. Unfortunately for Lord Henry, falling for Jenova could cost him his friendship as well as his position.

Sara Bennett does a wonderful job weaving a tale of characters, who for the most part scheme together to awaken Jenova’s and Henry’s feelings for one another. The English setting plays a vital role in this story and described in exquisite detail. The characters’ garb and dialects are appropriate for the time, while Jenova’s and Henry’s relationship seems quite unique. Readers will want to read the series in order, but it isn’t necessary to appreciate this final chapter.


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