My Sister’s Books #45

The Reluctant Bride

By: Leigh Greenwood


Tanzy decided to become a mail-order bride in order to avoid a marriage to her cousin, after most of her family was killed in a horrific feud. However, when she travels to meet Russ Tibbolt, she finds him in the middle of a shootout. Distraught over the violence, she refuses to marry him, until they get to know each other better. Just one problem, their attraction for each other puts their lives in danger when the past returns.

This book is a tedious read, since the first half of the book is slow. However, the intrigue picks up towards the end, when Tanzy decides to go undercover to help Russ survive. Greenwood does a good job of describing the details of the western territory and the ‘town.’ Readers will enjoy feeling like they stepped back in time, while they worry for the character’s safety.



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This author recommends Stobie Piel.

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