In Like a Lion, Out like a…

Hi Everyone,

No, I am not planning on discussing the weather. Sadly, this saying has applied to my family’s life for this past month…and so far there is no lamb in sight. So what has been going on in my world that has caused my silence here? Well, where do I begin?

Back in February, I posted that I was recovering from a broken wrist. (Tonight is my first night trying to type without my brace and it has proven to be an interesting journey.) What I didn’t explain during that short post, was that my grandfather had a nervous breakdown and spent 2.5 weeks in a hospital trying to “come back.” Unfortunately, once these nervous breakdowns happen, they will continue and they will become more frequent as the Alzheimer’s progresses. And over the course of the past two weeks, he has been headed towards another breakdown. My Mom and I are doing everything in our power to slow this one down. We know there is no stopping it, but if we could slow it down that would be a relief. He has a doctor appointment Tuesday to see what else we can do.

Needless to say, these past few weeks have been beyond stressful. And that stress has led to Ozzy having two seizures in the past three weeks. So it seems that despite the fact that I wake up each day, hoping, wishing, dreaming and praying for peace… peace is not meant to be for my home. By the time night falls, I am unbelievably exhausted and drained, that even the thought of looking at the computer leaves me cross-eyed. (Oh and don’t let me forget to mention that the season of fireworks officially started last night, with a surprise performance at 11pm.)

I offer you all my sincerest apologies and I hope that you will all understand my absence over these past few weeks. Please take note, over the course of the next 48hrs, I will be posting my 10 reviews that I have for you and answering all of my emails. Then next week, the quotes, author interviews and reviews will all be back as normal.

Due to the overwhelming stress in my life, there will be some changes to the site. The most significant change is that I will no longer be accepting review requests, until I have caught up on all current books from The List. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause authors, but I promise this will only be temporary. Once I have substantially caught up and/or my life has found a routine, I will re-open the Review Requests. Another change was made earlier today, when I updated both Lists and bolded the ‘Started Reading’ next to each of the books that I am currently reading, so it should be easier to see what I am reading. Over the weekend, I will be updating the sidebars to include book giveaways and/or author contests for readers to participate in.

In the meantime, let’s focus on the positive and discuss what everyone is reading. Right now, I am reading The Quest for Juice and Defending Jacob. What are you reading on this fine Friday night and how has your March been?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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4 Responses to In Like a Lion, Out like a…

  1. Hi Nicole! I will continue to send prayers your way. You are an awesomely compassionate person and we all know (or should know) that your family comes first. 🙂

    I hope you do find time to get away into a book even for short time. What am I reading this weekend? THE GOLDEN APPLE by Michelle Diener. It is a fairy tale story and Michelle is a fantastic storyteller whether it is historical fiction, romance or fairy tales!

    • Ariesgrl

      Hi Amy,
      Thanks for the prayers, my family and I appreciate them. Your book sounds very intriguing! I hope you are enjoying it. Have a wonderful night!!!

  2. Sue G.

    March is always a crazy month for me. I’m slowly trying to catch up on my emails!

    *hugs* to you. I hope your life starts looking up.

    My mother-in-law fell Jan 4th and broke her wrist in 2 places and her elbow in two places. Surgery, hospital for a week…rehab for 5 weeks. It was a long 6 week period….and she is only 73! Last week she could finally start driving so that helps a little. It’s been interesting to say the least.

    • Ariesgrl

      Hi Sue,
      I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope she is doing better today. Hugs to you both!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for smoother days for both of our families.

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