At Random

By: Lee Zacharias. Format: Paperback. Read: January 2014.

Eva Summer insists that she and her husband, Guy Ferrin, go out to the opera for a night of fun. Unfortunately, on the way home they get lost and hit a young boy, who is later pronounced dead. Now facing legal woes and a deeper strain on their marriage, Eva and Guy must somehow find a way to make it through each day, with or without each other’s support.

This book is ideal for mature audiences who enjoy stories within a story. Lee Zacharias takes a deep dive into the human psyche, by demonstrating the inner thoughts between a husband and wife and their friends. Human relationships are fragile things that can only tolerate a healthy amount of stress, throw in a horrific tragedy and even the most tranquil relationships can crack. Written from the points-of-view of both Eva and Guy, readers get to hear the stress each character feels and how their individual pasts are controlling their present life. There are a few grammatical errors and the stream-of-consciousness style will make it difficult for some readers to follow. However the main incident/trigger will cause readers to question their own reactions, if they were involved in a similar scenario.




The PR representative provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about her work, please visit her website.

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