This crazy weather…

Hi Everyone,

So last week, due to weather, germs and who knows what else, my Mom caught the nasty flu bug. She is still recovering, but it is difficult with this insane weather. In one week alone, I have run the AC and the heat, and now I sit here typing by the open window, while listening to the fact that it is supposed to rain and turn cooler tomorrow. Then it will be in the 20s again over the next few nights. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the cold, but what I don’t understand is the constant ups and downs that happen over the course of a few hours. As for Mom, she is resting and is slowly starting to feel more “whole” again. I hope that all of you are staying healthy and have consistent weather.

I will be back tomorrow, but I wanted to just take a quick second to update you all, while everyone here is resting.


Have a great night.


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