Happy Day-After Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. My family and I decided to do a small meal here at home, which turned out for the best… My grandfather fell yesterday, but we are very grateful that he is okay.

As I was cooking yesterday, I was thinking about this past year. It is strange how I can pinpoint the exact week that my family’s life turned upside down. Since the very last few days of June, my family has experienced one heck of a downward plummet. We have lost loved ones and experienced the awful progression of my grandfather’s disease. No matter what we seemed to do to stay positive, each day there was another negative being thrown in our path. I will very happy to welcome next month and the new year with open arms.

Even though, there has been a lot of sadness, pain and negativity… there is still a ton of positives to be grateful for… One thing I am grateful for is this site and all of you. Your constant support has been a reassuring beacon of hope, always showing me there is another world outside of the Alzheimer’s disease… and for that: I am ever grateful. Thank you all for your continued support, even throughout all of my unexpected delays that have occurred these past several months. Thank you all for being one of my bright light/life houses. 🙂 I hope that each of you were able to spend the holiday with your loved ones and that you all found something positive to focus on and be grateful for.

In the spirit of getting back on track…

Throughout this afternoon, I will be posting the winner of the Stacy Juba ebook giveaway and then I will post the next two reviews from The List and then one from the My Sister’s Books list.

Have a fabulous Friday and if you are out in the stores shopping today, be safe!



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  1. Sorry about your grandfather. 🙁

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