My Sister’s Books #29

The Anatomist’s Apprentice

By: Tessa Harris

Dr. Thomas Silkstone is in London and is one of the top anatomists in town. His services are called upon by Lydia, who is desperate to solve her brother’s murder. Sir Edward Crick’s murder has stirred the rumor mill into action, yet there doesn’t seem to be anyone who cares he is gone. The main suspect is Lydia’s husband and it is up to her and Dr. Thomas Silkstone to figure out the truth.

The Anatomist’s Apprentice mixes science and romance and places them in the midst of the Georgian Era in London, England. Though the details can be a bit morbid and unpleasant, the romance is surprising and very fitting to the tale. The book starts off very slow, but by the second half the readers are entranced in the multiple puzzles and deaths that pile up. Fans of forensic science and medical mysteries will enjoy this historic thriller.

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