A Goddess’s Curse

By: Luciana Cavallaro. Format: eBook. Read: October 2013.

Drake Dabbler has landed the perfect guest for his talk show. He is nervous, but mostly excited about the guaranteed ratings and awards that this interview will bring him. Who is his special guest? Hera, Queen of the Gods and Goddesses, Sister/Wife to Zeus and overall, a Goddess you definitely don’t want to anger. She has a reputation and today is the day for her to tell the world her story.

Mixing modern times with ancient mythology, this is yet another superb example of Luciana Cavallaro’s work. A short story, set in the exciting world of daytime talk shows, with a greedy host is sure to capture readers’ attentions. The drama that unfolds is as remarkable as Hera’s determination to remain composed. The ending will have readers laughing out loud, as Hera’s form of justice is served, once again. For fans of Greek Mythology, or for those looking for a short escape, this is a must read.

Luciana Cavallaro is one of my favorite authors. I have enjoyed all of her short stories and her intriguing take on the untold side of Greek Mythology. I have always been fascinated with Greek Mythology. I absolutely enjoy anything that can mix the accuracies of those tales with modern times, giving readers something to relate too.


The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and her work, please visit her website.

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  1. Thank you Nicole for the wonderful review! 😀

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