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Seduced – A Prequel to Beautiful Rose by Missy Johnson (short Novella)

REVIEW:By: Wendy

4 Stars

Jack Falcon is Britain’s most eligible bachelor. He has money, looks, and a lack of morals. He is known for his womanizing ways, but women still throw themselves at his feet. Jack makes no apologies for his behavior. Until he meets Belle. She seems impervious to his charms and soon Jack finds himself chasing her. They soon find themselves in a intense relationship and when they find out how they are connected, how can it continue?

This story is told from Jack’s POV and at first I didn’t like Jack very much. He is your typical egotistical a-hole manwhore. He doesn’t care about what people think. He does what he wants, when he wants. I really loved that he got a taste of his own medicine with Belle. Belle was the first person to ever walk away and leave the player played. As things are revealed Jack began to chip away at my resolve where he was concerned. The book definitely has some toe curling hot, hot, hot scenes, but also has some emotionally intense ones that left me a blubbering mess by the end. I really ran the gambit of emotions with this one and want to see where this story leads…


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