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Let Love In by Melissa Collins
Review by Wendy @ Shhh, Mommy’s in the Bathroom.,.Reading
4 Stars


Wow. It has been a while since a book has grabbed me and not allowed me to let go. This was a touching and heart warming story of two people that were broken by the tragedies of their childhood. Maddy had to deal with a monumental lost at a very young age and never learned to cope with it, other than to never let anyone in, if you don’t let them in then you can’t be hurt. Reid had to learn to cope with a different kind of loss and a heavy guilt that he just can’t let go of.

Maddy and Reid’s connection is instant, it is like their souls can identify with hurt the other carries. The question remains, will they let love in?
This story flowed well, and you really got lost in the emotion of the characters. It had well developed characters, and supporting characters that you can’t help but love. You can see the scenes play out in your head so well. This book also has an edge of hot and spicy that I was not really expecting, but it was totally welcomed. Melissa Collins is a very talented author and I can not wait to see what she has in store for us next. This is a definite must read and one that is on my re-read list.


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