My Sister’s Books Review #26

The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving
By: Jonathan Evison

Benjamin Benjamin is in the middle of a typical mid-life crisis. Hoping to make his life change, he decides to take a class on how to be a perfect caregiver and is assigned to teenage Trevor, who suffers from muscular dystrophy. Benjamin begins to realize that life alone is the teacher and sadly there is no class to prepare him for the lesson. The road trip to visit Benjamin’s past will help change and strengthen his and Trevor’s relationship, with several hilarious bumps along the way.
Jonathan Evison weaves an emotional tale of finding one’s self, while facing the past and caring for someone who uses humor as a way of coping. Readers will find themselves laughing numerous times and they will impatiently read each page as they search for the truth behind Ben’s past. Flashbacks and quick-witted responses will keep readers on their toes. Recommended for fans of emotional life stories with light-hearted twists, who are willing to take a road trip called life.

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