My Sister’s Books Review #25

Founding Mothers
By: Cokie Roberts

Founding Mothers is a book about the women behind the well-known men who founded America. These are the wives and mothers that were at home, raising the family, running the farms and businesses. Cokie Roberts brings together the letters and details of history to acknowledge and praise the women that created this nation. The men fought the war overseas and ran for public office, but the women helped to steer their actions, while defending their homes.

Cokie Roberts has done a brilliant job of telling the stories of multiple women that helped shape this country. She demonstrates that the strengths and weaknesses of each of these women played a vital role in America’s history. Filled with recipes and references from letters, this book gives a behind the scenes look into the daily life. Though this book is divided into different time periods, the individual women’s stories blend into each other, which makes it a bit slow at times. However, this is an intriguing read for anyone looking to learn more about America’s past.

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