My Sister’s Books Review #24

Water to my Soul: The Story of Eliza Lucas Pinckney
By: Pamela Bauer Mueller
(Historical Fiction/Colonial Times)
(Local History)

Eliza Lucas Pinckney was a young girl living on Wappoo Plantation. She had big dreams and the determination to make change happen. A fast learner, she managed to change the life of Charles Towne, and the entire southern colony of Carolina with a much-needed crop. Her focus and drive allowed for her to successfully run three plantations and oversee the fast growth and profit that came from the indigo plant. This is a fictional account of her life, based off of her written letters, which are the only personal effects that remain.

This book starts off with a powerful prologue that will immediately capture readers’ attention. Even at a young age, Eliza is strong, outspoken young lady with a resilient spirit. She Pamela Bauer Mueller writes Eliza’s story in an easy-to-read fashion, so teenage to adult readers can both enjoy this book. Chocked full of details the readers will feel like they are stepping back in time, with the sights and sounds of Wapoo Plantation and Charles Town. The book is broken down in four main sections, by year, so readers will be taken on the journey of Eliza’s life. This is an admirable read for anyone looking to learn more about South Carolina and the woman who made its history a success.

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